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Impact Next Gen's Building Projects

We Build For Communities In Ghana

Impact Next Gen is dedicated to creating lasting change in rural Ghana. Our fundraising events and donations go directly towards supporting projects that improve the lives of those in need. From building schools and healthcare centres, we are committed to procuring sustainable, energy-efficient and structurally sound buildings. Lets empower individuals and give them a brighter future.

Ekumfi Atwa School Project

Ekumfi Atwa basic school is located in the Ekumfi District, central region of Ghana. The basic school system starts from kindergarten level to junior high level form 3.

The Importance

A healthy learning environment in schools is only possible when students and teachers are provided with adequate facilities, not only related to teaching and learning, but also safe and sound infrastructure.

Current Situation

The Ekumfi Atwa Basic school building is old, lacking repair and maintenance resulting in weaker structures and collapsed roofs. The dilapidated condition of the school infrastructure poses a significant school safety hazard to the students and is impacting their learning outcomes.

Our Request

Ekumfi Atwa school needs your help to provide a safe environment for the students to study.  Please support Impact Next Gen to address this grave and dangerous situation by donating to a worthy cause of the Ekumfi Atwa school renovation project, so that the students can have a safe and sound learning environment where they can focus on their studies rather than collapsed roofs and cracked walls.

Cost Estimates

An initial amount of 20,000 Ghana cedis (£1,309.79) is required to complete the entire design and drawings for new toilet facilities, dining and renovated classroom block. Further discussions with the school administration based on a recent visit, revealed that other facilities such as a computer lab, library and possibly a newly built classroom block may have to be considered as part of the architectural design subject to funding available.

The overall cost of the project will only be known once the architectural design is completed.

Architects Invoice for Ekumfi School

Initial invoice from construction firm for architectural design

Feasibility Study

Ekumfi Atwa School Project: Feasibility Study

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