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Sit A Child In Rural Ghana Project

Impact Next Gen is dedicated to creating lasting change in rural Ghana. Our fundraising events and donations go directly towards supporting projects that improve the lives of those in need. 


About The Project

Supplying Classroom Furniture & School Materials

The Need

For many schools in deprived communities, they don’t have the luxury of basic school furniture.

Classroom furniture is an essential part of the components of educational supply and a very important facility that helps to provide a conducive, comfortable and functional classroom environment for students in educational institutions across the country.  

Because every aspect of the educational system is key to the full realisation of a child overall performance, it is important that attention is paid to the lack of furniture in these classrooms. 

The First Campaign

'One Cedi for Change' (1C4C) Campaign started its Sit A Child project out of the need to help build desks for the schools it had engaged. The campaign started engaging students through its reader’s clinic and 1C4C reader’s club, and realised that for most of the students at the lower grade levels they had to sit or lie on the bare floor to learn. 

Kalvio Basic School was the first school to receive desks from the campaign. 100 galvanized dual desks were built for the school. 


Research & Specifications

Observations over the years from a consulting firm in Ghana, involved in supervising desk  supplies for the government:

1. Those made with real woods are durable and long-lasting.

2. Various components must be specified for the suppliers.

3.The metal parts must be 25mm square or circular pipes. Mild steel pipe components corrode quickly; a typical one supplied in the Akwapim North area of Ghana corroded quickly because of the Misty/humid environment.

4. The end of the pipes must be covered and the edges smoothly chamfered.

5. A supplier with material guarantees are reliable

6. Dual desk unit cost: 320 GHC ( £20.95 ) - Inc. production and labour 


Go for parts with real wood and galvanized steel pipes (whether square or circular), edges must be smoothly finished without sharp and pointed ends. Cost may be a little higher for the galvanized steel pipes. Galvanized dual desk should be (red wood instead of wawa wood) to withstand the humidity and heat in Northern Ghana.

Current Causes

To know more about some of these current causes see their related posts. 

Apam Methodist Basic School

Gomoa West District, Central Ghana

65 dual desks, 15 hexagonal tables and 50 chairs for kindergaten

Breman, Bisease Basic School

Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District, Central Ghana

65 dual desk, 11 teacher tables/chairs, 7 hexagonal tables and 42 kindergaten chairs

FUO AME Zion Kindergarten, Primary and JHS

Tamale, Northern Ghana

30 kg tables, 80 kg Chairs, 230 dual desks, 8 teachers tables and chairs, 2 large tables and 15 chairs for Junior High Staff,11 cupboards and 1 large bookshelf

Atonsu Bethel Presby Basic School

Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana

50 laptop/desktop computers, 1 projector/screen, 25 dual desks

Kpandai District, Northern Region Ghana

2000 dual desks

Kogri R/C KG/Primary School

Jirapa, Upper West Region, Ghana

11 kg tables and 62 kg chairs, 144 dual desks, 10 teacher’s tables and chairs, textbooks, story books and picture cards

Completed Causes

To know more about these completed causes see their related posts.


Navrongo, Upper East, Northern Ghana

100 dual galvanized desks

ayigatam Jhs.png

Navrongo, Upper East, Northern Ghana

dual galvanized desks provided

Kalvio Gugoro.png

Navrongo, Northern Ghana

20 dual galvanized desks, 45 galvanized kindergarten chairs and 9 galvanized kindergarten desks

Gwenia primary school building.png

Navrongo, Upper East, Northern Ghana

53 dual desks shared with Ayigatam JHS

Ekumfi donatation .png

Central Ghana

30 dual galvanized desks, 120 galvanized kindergarten chairs and 20 galvanized kindergarten desks. School laptops and sports kits donated

tono primary.png

Navrongo, Northern Ghana

40 dual galvanized desks, 84 galvanized kindergarten chairs and 14 galvanized kindergarten desks

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